Sunday, February 26, 2012

TRI's Picks February 26 Balmoral

Balmoral Park Pick 4, Races 7-10, Sunday, February 26, 2012

We missed last night's Pick 4 at Balmoral due to schedule issues. We were last in the Pick 5 (Where we did not have enough time to type it up) and had the two longshots in the entire sequence. They were Hazel May ($21.40) and Kitty O'Brien ($16.40). Tonight's ticket looks very good. Remember to bet these horses to win if they are 4-1 and up. Good luck!

$2 Play: 7/1,6/4/6 = $4


Race 7- (7) Jc's Lucky Dreamer has done well in this class. With the outside post, he will likely have to close and this horse can close very hard. Watch out in the lane.

Race 8- (1) Made To Be raced in this class last time, but burned out at the end. As long as she doesn't go first over, she should do well. (6) White River Best did very well against non-winners of one to be claimed for $7,000 last time. Although she was parked through the first half of a mile, she sustained her bid and finished third (placed second). This mare needs a good trip to bomb the sequence.

Race 9- (4) Hot Rod Riley Mae won in higher company two starts back. She was used hard in her last start and she just lost by a head. As long as she gets a pocket trip, she should win.

Race 10- (6) Metis Blue Chip got shuffled back last time and got eliminated from the race. She did well against non-winners of four races in previous starts. She should be able to get into the two wide flow and be another upset in this sequence.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 25 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last night, we had no winners, but I wanted to make a comment on our selection Love You Always. Watching that race, she was first over from the quarter until three-quarters when someone moved in front of her. Then she made a strong move three wide that made her lose some ground. She drifted out and almost won after a hellish trip. I wouldn’t be surprised if this horse won the Blue Chip Matchmaker, now back to our Pick 4. We are currently down $154 this year, but I suspect we will hit a Pick 4 in no time. Good luck!

$2 Play: 3,8/5,10/6/1 = $8


Race 6-
(3) Joltin’ Colt did very well in this company last time. He went to Yonkers and got a horrible trip. He returns to this company and should do well. (8) Giddy Up Delight is coming off an upset victory in this class. He moves outside and should not have a problem with it.

Race 7-
(5) Albert Chief A made a strong move for the lead last time. He burned out because of it towards the end. As long as he gets a pocket spot, he should be competitive. (10) Ruthless Ace  did well from post 8 in this company. He draws the farthest outside and should be better than last time.

Race 8- (6) Stormin Rustler made a strong move for the lead last time. He draws inside slightly and should be competitive tonight.

Race 9- (1) Takemewithyou worked for the top last time. He faltered because of it. With the rail tonight, he should get a spot easier and be ready for the final three-sixteenths of a mile.

Friday, February 24, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 24 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Friday, February 24, 2012

Last night, we had one winner, but it was under 4-1. It was Upfrontstrikesgold ($9). Tonight’s ticket is a little unusual from my normal tickets, but I am very confident about it. Good luck!

$2 Play: 8/2,3,8/4/6 = $6


Race 6- (8) Love You Always is coming off of a victory in a similar company. In that start, she dominated after making a three wide move for command. I think we have not yet seen what this horse is capable of doing. Who knows how great she’ll be tonight.

Race 7-
(2) Windell Winkie was the favorite in his last start, but went off stride. He looks good coming into this race as long as he doesn’t use himself early or goes off stride. (3) Syenite made a confident move for the lead in this class last time. He moves inside tonight and should have some energy left for the stretch. (8) Whybabywhy raced well in slightly lower company than this last time. She is coming off a great qualifier and should be fresh coming into this race.

Race 8- (4) Heres Matty raced well in every start in this class. She made an early three wide move last week and she still gained. This horse has endurance and as long as she gets a good trip, she should be in the exacta.

Race 9-
(6) R Sam raced well despite a rough trip last time. He was shuffled back to seventh and managed to get second by a head at 28-1. As long as this horse gets in the two wide flow, he should be tough tonight.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 23 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Saturday, we had one winner, Giddy Up Delight ($30.60). We were second with Llc Delight (14-1) and Strange Hanover (5-1). Tonight’s ticket looks good. Good luck!

$2 Play: 4/2,8/2/3 = $4


Race 6- (4) What Went Wrong did well in the first bracket of the Rags To Riches. He closed well in the slop last week and should do better with a fast track.

Race 7-
(2) Mattador D also did well in the first leg. He closed well from post nine and just lost. He draws the rail this week and should do better. (8) Joans Bad Boy raced well, despite the sloppy going. As long as the track is fast, he should show his capabilities tonight.

Race 8- (2) Blindsided made a strong early move from post 10. It ended up killing his winning chances. He draws post 2 tonight and shouldn’t have to work as hard.

Race 9- (3) Upfrontstrikesgold is coming off of a good qualifier after a six month layoff. That qualifying effort showed that he is fresh. He could pull off an upset tonight.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 19 Balmoral

Balmoral Park Pick 4, Races 7-10, Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last night, we had one winner, but it was under 4-1. It was Dawn’s Mist, who returned $8.80 to win. We were fifth and tenth, tenth and second in the rest of the sequence. Tonight’s ticket looks better than last nights and I remind you to bet these horses if they are 4-1 and up. Good luck!

$2 Play: 1/3,4/1,8/2 = $8


Race 7-
(1) The Invisible Pan was in our ticket last week, but scratched sick. He returns to the class he was going to compete in last week. He raced in non-winners of three to be claimed for $8,000 in his last effort, where he raced well from post 10. He draws the rail tonight, which should allow him to save some energy for the final quarter of a mile and defeat this bunch.

Race 8- (3) We Are Battleshoe raced in this class last time, but went off stride at the beginning. In previous starts, he had very bad trips or went off stride. As long as he can stay flat tonight, he should improve. (4) Iron Outlaw was interfered last time. He still managed to gain 1 length and finish fifth. As long as no one effects this guy’s route around the mile oval, he should be competitive tonight.

Race 9- (1) Brickie Mcguire left for the lead last time, but got shuffled back. He found room in the stretch and managed to finish second. With the rail, he should get a better trip and move at the right time to win. (8) Mad Cow Lisa raced well from the outside in this class. She attempted to compete against better last time, but still does not have the capability. She races well in this class every time and should provide a good effort for us.

Race 10- (2) Winthisone Hanover stepped down last time and closed from 15 lengths off the lead last time. He goes from post 10 to post 2 and should do very well with the inside post this week.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Dan Patch Winners

Last Sunday was the banquet for members of USHWA to honor the horsemen and writers involved with the sport of harness racing. It was also the night the champions of each division were crowned with the prestigious Dan Patch Awards. Some awards I thought, the horse deserved. Others I thought had a better candidate. Today, I talk about who I thought should’ve won the Dan Patch awards, in divisions that I thought were won by the “wrong” horse. Let this know I do not take anything away from the winner of the Dan Patch award, just who I thought would’ve won.

Winner- Sweet Lou
Deserving winner- A Rocknroll Dance

Although Sweet Lou set the world record in the Breeders Crown and defeated A Rocknroll Dance, he was a very lightly raced horse. Sweet Lou raced a lot in the Pennsylvania Sires Stakes, then won a division of the Elevation and two Grand Circuit events at Lexington. Then he set the scene setting the world record in the Breeders Crown.

A Rocknroll Dance raced with the freshmen pacing bunch since the beginning of his career. He won the Metro Elim, but was caught by bomber Simply Business right at the wire. He then went on to win two Grand Circuit events at Lexington. To close out 2011, A Rocknroll Dance dominated the division in the Governor’s Cup at Chester. He earned $863,325 this season, which is $176,678 more than Sweet Lou. He was also one fifth off of Sweet Lou’s fastest mile of 2011.

Winner- Economy Terror
Deserving Winner- American Jewel

Economy Terror was the second best to American Jewel, until she was out of the picture. American Jewel was injured in the International Stallion Series at Lexington, where she was beat by Big Mcdeal. American Jewel defeated Economy Terror in the She’s A Great Lady, a prestigious race at Woodbine and a key race for the Breeders Crown. She earned $677,166 in her short career. She had a world record of 1:50.2, the fastest of the year as well.

After American Jewel was injured, Economy Terror was the leader of the bunch. She ended the year with a Breeders Crown triumph and winning the Three Diamonds. She had a near $1-million season and took a mark of 1:50.3, a track and world record in the Three Diamonds.

Winner- Foiled Again
Deserving Winner- Roll With Joe

Roll With Joe certainly caught the eyes of spectators in the Meadowlands Pace, where he held off Big Jim to win. He just lost the jug and the Breeders Crown, but made up for it by winning the Messenger. He also dominated on Super Stakes Sunday at Chester, where he won the final of the Battle Of The Brandywine. He earned $1.64-million this season and took a mark of 1:48.2 in the Meadowlands Pace.

Foiled Again also had a good season with this tough crop of Older Pacers. He won the Battle of Lake Erie, Bobby Quillen, American National and Molson Pace. He earned $1.4-million this year and took a mark of 1:48.1 at Mohawk. Although he was against a tough crop, so was Roll With Joe. The glamour boy division beat each other all throughout the year. If you were to pick a winner of that bunch, it would be Roll With Joe. Same goes for Foiled Again.

TRI’s Picks February 18 Balmoral

Balmoral Park Pick 4, Races 10-13, Saturday, February 18, 2012

On Sunday, we had no winners. We were sixth and fourth, eighth, sixth and third in the sequence. On Saturday, we had one winner, On The Green ($13.80). Remember to bet horses in this sequence (that are picked) if they are 4-1 and up. Tonight’s ticket looks very good. Good luck!

$2 Play: 5,10/7/2/5 = $4


Race 10- (5) Prime Escape made a strong early move for command last time. He faded to finish sixth, but did not lose much ground. If he sits close to the pace, he should be sharp. (10) Uniqueaway has paced some tough miles in his last few starts. With post 10, he should sit in the back and catch the two wide flow and close late.

Race 11-
(7) Red Hot Yankee was used very hard over at Maywood. He made two moves around the half-mile oval in this class and faded badly. As long as he doesn’t go first over, he should finish on the board.  

Race 12- (2) Dawn’s Mist made a big early move from the outside last time. She returns to this class and draws inside, which is a winning combination.

Race 13- (5) Speakrightomyheart won from first over last time. He could provide a similar effort tonight as long as he is not used hard.

TRI’s Picks February 18 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last night, we had one winner, Dragon Princess ($26). Our own Ray Cotolo (@RayCotolo) was tweeting to Twinspires and had some monumental upsets during the Meadowlands card. They were Bell On Wheels ($63.40) and the exacta with Shesa Bragn Dragon ($692.20), along with Dragon Princess and Jaime Sue ($7.20). The $692 exacta set an all-time record for biggest payout in Cotolo history. Tonight’s Pick 4 looks like more upsets can be on the rise. Good luck!

$2 Play: 4,6/4/3,9/1 = $8


Race 6- (4) Big League tried to sit off the pace last time and he almost beat Eastwood Blue Chip. He should be sitting in mid-pack and might take advantage of the speed in this race. (6) Llc Delight defeated series leader Social Network, pulling off the 25-1 upset. Gingras should be close to the pace and might also take advantage of the speed.

Race 7- (4) Strange Hanover is coming off of a good race in this class. He got shuffled back, but found room to at least get fifth. As long as he doesn’t get buried at the inside, he should be very sharp tonight.

Race 8- (3) Excel Nine made a big improvement off of his last start. He left for the lead from post eight and was able to hold on for fourth. He draws inside tonight and still has some room to improve in order to pull off the upset. (9) Stormin Rustler made a big early move from post 10 last time, which resulted in him faltering. As long as Simpson doesn’t burn him out, he should be in the money.

Race 9- (1) Giddy Up Delight made a big closing effort last time. He draws the rail this week, which means he should be able to sit close to the pace and defeat this group of conditioned pacers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Symphony In Motion Sharp in Cape And Cutter

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ— Symphony In Motion defeated Daryl Bier’s chances on sweeping the series with Higher And Higher in the $63,750 Cape And Cutter final. The eight-year-old mare by Bettor’s Delight nipped Higher And Higher at the wire to return $7 in a 1:52.1 triumph.

Rock N Soul took the early lead and controlled the pace through a :26.2 opening quarter. Symphony In Motion sat in the pocket and Save My Shark was back in third. Higher And Higher was first over back in sixth. She would be wheel to wheel with Rock N Soul at the half in :54.3 (:28.1).

Into the far turn, Rock N Soul was under pressure. Bunny In The Bank fanned three wide from third over and Campbell brought Oceans Motion four wide from fourth over. Royal Cee Cee N was stuck behind traffic down the stretch.

Higher And Higher lead the way to the 1/16th pole. Symphony In Motion split horses late to challenge her to the wire. Ginger And Fred was closing in third and Save My Shark was keeping up in fourth. It was a war to the wire and Symphony In Motion prevailed. Higher And Higher settled for second, Ginger And Fred was third and Save My Shark was fourth.

Symphony In Motion is by Bettor’s Delight out of the mare Malocchio by Albert Albert. She is owned by Joseph Jannuzelli and Carol Demarch. She is trained by Mark Harder and Ron Pierce was in the bike to win in 1:52.1. The Cape And Cutter made Symphony In Motion, harness racing’s newest millionaire.

TRI’s Picks February 17 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Friday, February 17, 2012

Last night may have been one of the worst nights of the year. We had one winner, but he was under 4-1. Hopefully, tonight’s ticket does better. Good luck!

$2 Play: 2,4/2/2/7 = $4


Race 6- (2) Dragon Princess went first over last time and faded. She showed her talent from last year in this company in that race. As long as she gets a good trip, she should do well. (4) Stormunn made a strong early move from post 7 at Yonkers last time. He got beat by a neck at the wire. He steps up slightly tonight and could upset.

Race 7- (2) Klm Express was a top Open trotter at Yonkers last year. He qualified well and should be competitive, as long as he stays flat (Which is pretty likely).

Race 8- (2) Morwyn Hanover traveled a harsh first over last time. Before that, she made a strong early first move that killed her chance at winning. She should get a better trip tonight and blow by this field.

Race 9- (7) Action Sj might’ve had a chance to win if he did not break into the stretch. If he stays flat, he could pull of the upset and pay for 30 future tickets!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 16 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Saturday, we had one winner, Blue Claw ($13.40). On Friday, we missed one leg to hit the Pick 4. Tonight’s ticket looks good, good luck!

$2 Play: 4/3/3,4/3,4 = $8


Race 6- (4) He’s Great showed what he’s capable of last time. At Yonkers, he was not himself as he was far off the pace. He came back at Monticello and won at 10-1. He should be able to sit close to the pace and maybe pull of an upset.

Race 7- (3) Berry Berry Fast upset last time. Before that, he made an early move that burned him out. As long as he doesn’t make an early move, he should be able to win again.

Race 8- (3) Beauty And A Beast worked hard for the lead from post 9 last time. He draws inside and should have some energy left in the stretch. (4) Taylor C is shipping in from Windsor. He dominated up there and should do well at the Meadowlands.

Race 9- (3) Joans Bad Boy had a hellish trip last time. He was three wide for most of the race and had nothing left. He draws inside tonight and should get a position easier. (4) Aintnofoolsgold made an early move last time from post 10. He draws inside and steps down, so he should do better.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 11 Balmoral

Balmoral Park Pick 4, Races 10-13, Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last week, we had one winner who was under 4-1, Washington Hanover ($7.80). I am very confident about tonight’s ticket. Remember to bet horses that are 4-1 and up. Good luck!

$2 Play: 1,3/7/1,5/6 = $8


Race 10- (1A) Dinneratartsplace raced well in this company last time. He narrowly lost in that start. He should improve off of that effort tonight. (3) Star City Hero paced two bad trips; his most recent being the toughest. He’ll need a better trip to win tonight.

Race 11-
(7) On The Green faced tougher in his last three starts. In those, he performed very well. He gets a better post tonight and should improve.

Race 12-
(1) The Invisible Pan raced well in this company. He draws post 1 again and should provide a similar effort. (5) Ifeelthelight made a costly break last time. Before that, he did very well. If he didn’t break last time, he might’ve won. As long as he stays flat tonight, he should do better.

Race 13-
(6) Ajs Delight was hung badly in his last start. As long as he gets a pocket trip, he should do very well.

TRI’s Picks February 11 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Saturday, February 11, 2012

We came very close last night, hitting every leg but the third one. Bettor’s Reward was a close third. The winners were Hava Kadabra ($6.60), Love You Always ($16.40) and Crown Lady ($9.40). Based on what I tell you, you should’ve only played Love You Always, as he is over 4-1. We made a profit last night, but are still down $133 this year. Tonight looks equally as good as last night. Don’t forget to follow @RayCotolo on twitter, since last night, he gave out $53.60 in winners. They were Soapy Sap ($27.80), Love You Always and Crown Lady. Good luck!

$2 Play: 5/5,8/7/1,6 = $8


Race 6- (5) Whackamole Hanover went a hellish mile last time. He was parked from the first quarter to the finish line. That race really showed this horse’s endurance. Just imagine how good he would be if he gets a good trip. That’s what I am expecting tonight.

Race 7-
(5) Bestnotlie Hanover showed sudden speed from post 10 last time. He draws inside, steps down and should be off the pace to upset tonight. (8) Power Surge made a move for the lead at the half mile. He faltered by only 1 length at the finish. He should get a better trip tonight.

Race 8- (7) A Major Haze made a strong attempt for the lead last time, which did not result in a win. He’ll need to get a pocket trip and pop out in the stretch.

Race 9- (1) Heart Of Rocknroll made a move for the lead and got shuffled. He ended up finishing third in that race. He draws the rail and should be able to get the lead easily. (6) Blue Claw got a perfect trip last time. He just lost at the wire by a neck to Adams Hanover. He can get a similar trip and beat this field tonight.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 10 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Friday, February 10, 2012

Last night, we had one winner, Rader Detector ($12.20). We were third and second in every other race. So far, we are down $135.40 all year. As the year started bad, we are getting better. Tonight’s ticket is looking fairly good. Good luck!

$2 Play: 3,4/2/4/2,10 = $8


Race 6- (3) Pembroke Prayer made an attempt after the leader in an Invitational in his last start at the Meadowlands. He tried racing at Yonkers, where he did not do so well in his second attempt. He returns to the Meadowlands and could upset. (4) Hava Kadabra had a breaking problem towards the end of the year. He comes off of two good qualifying attempts and should be able to provide a race for us tonight.

Race 7-
(2) Love You Always made a convincing early move last time. She was overtaken in the stretch, finishing seventh. If she gets a pocket trip, she should provide us with a victory.  

Race 8- (4) Bettor’s Reward made a strong late kick in the stretch to almost defeat Fearless Diablo. He draws inward tonight and should get a better trip to slingshot into the stretch.

Race 9- (2) Joyfuljoy N raced well against higher at Yonkers. He did not do well in his 2012 debut, but seems to have woken up. With post 2, Mark Lewis may be able to blow out this Pick 4. (10) Crown Lady made a strong move to attempt to take the lead last time. It resulted in her faltering to tenth at the end. She draws post 10 again, which seems to be her strong post.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 9 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Thursday, February 9, 2012

On Saturday, we had another night of no winners. The favorites prevailed all night, minus Border Fighting, who did not make the ticket last week due to a late decision. He paid $62.60. I wish everyone good luck and remind you to only bet these horses if their 4-1 and up.

$2 Play: 1,6/5/3/3,6 = $8


Race 6- (1) Arts Ideal Hanover is the newbie in this bunch. He is coming off of two good qualifiers and may be able to upset. (6) Big League made a big early move in leg one of the Junior Trendsetter. Technically, he sustained an effort as Social Network drew away from this group. Since he’s not entered, this horse also could be a longshot.

Race 7- (5) Exterminator made a big move in his last pari-mutuel start. He didn’t fade very badly, but lost about 2 lengths in the stretch. He comes off of good qualifying efforts and should do well as long as he doesn’t come first over.

Race 8- (3) Morwyn Hanover made an early move last time. She got passed by better in deep stretch. She steps down tonight and should improve.

Race 9- (3) Mr Vitti raced well in higher back in May. He has been on a long layoff and comes off of some well-run qualifiers. He should be fresh tonight. (6) Rader Detector raced well going 1 ½ miles in $7,500 Claiming company. Before that, he was a bit of a threat in $10,000 Claiming groups. He should turn into the threat he was tonight.   

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 8 Buffalo

Buffalo Raceway Pick 4, Races 5-8, Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We have been missing from action the past few weeks at Buffalo. But now we are back and ready to win. Last time, we had one winner, Brandon’s Colt Art ($17). Overall, we are down $1 for the year. Let’s earn that back tonight. I remind you, bet any of the following horses if they are 4-1 and up. Good luck!

$2 Play: 1,6/7/4/3 = $4


Race 5- (1) Cruise Survivor is coming off of an impressive effort in lower company. He has not had much luck in this class, but after his last start, he has a great chance. (6) Richnwandaful raced well from post 8 in lower company. He made a big move at the half mile and was able to sustain that rally. He could do that again and upset tonight.

Race 6- (7) Zigaro didn’t get a chance to race since he broke into the stretch. The start before that, he won decisively. If he provides an effort like that, he will upset, again.

Race 7-
(4) Evil Eva had a hard time in her last start. Before that, she raced phenomenally and upset at 9-1. If she gets a good trip, expect her zooming in the stretch.

Race 8- (3) She Rocks is the major bomber of the Pick 4. She closed late in lower company, but the leader was already far ahead. As long as she makes an early move, she can probably pay for a family dinner of Buffalo Wings.

New Twitter Promotion

An experiment was conducted this previous Sunday for handicapping ideas at TRI. We saw it as a success. Starting every Sunday, watch @RayCotolo on twitter for Live Tweets for picks from Fraser Downs and Flamboro Downs. Fraser's first post is at 4:55 P.M. First post at Flamboro Downs is at 6:00 P.M.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Westwardho Hanover Takes First Leg of Aquarius

Saturday night at the Meadowlands featured the opening leg of the $35,000 Aquarius series. 12 horses will go post ward in both legs and the top 10 money earners will head to the final on Saturday, February 18.

Westwardho Hanover dominated the opening round of the Aquarius in 1:50.4. He made a first over move in the backstretch and took the lead from Camaes Fellow. Westwardho Hanover held on to the lead from the three-eighths down to the finish. Camaes Fellow held second, Art Z came up the pylons late and Townslight Hanover stormed late on the outside to get fourth.

Westwardho Hanover is by Dragon Again out of the mare Western Duel by Western Hanover. He is owned by Westward Ho Stable, trained by Ron Burke and Yannick Gingras was in the sulky. Westwardho Hanover returned $3.80 to win.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why Pick A Home Track

On an average day at the track, I hear the hollering of bettors rooting their horses to the finish. Not only that, but I notice they are looking at several tracks at once. After every race, there are even some guys who look at their tickets seeing if they won, but that’s for another time. Today I talk about how and why you should pick a home track.

When you’re picking a home track, pick any track, there is really nothing to it. If you don’t do well there after let’s say a four month period, then find a new one. A home track can be any track, Cal-Expo, The Meadowlands, Yonkers Raceway, Woodbine, etc.

There are many reasons it is good to pick a home track. One is that you learn how the track works. You learn the bias, what kind of horses win, how the public thinks, etc. Knowing when I handicap the Meadowlands, I can tell most of the time what kind of horses are the favorites and which ones are the longshots. This is because I have been handicapping the Meadowlands since 2010, learning every driver, trainer, horse, condition and bias the track shows every night.

Another reason is a sub-affect to knowing the racetrack. After you learn how the racetrack works, it’s easier to handicap, wager and win. With biases, horses and knowledge of what the public does, you learn how to bet at this racetrack to win. With me, I picked the Meadowlands as my home track and it took me about a year to learn how the track worked. After a down season, 2011 became one of the best seasons I ever had at the racetrack. With winners such as Showherthemoney ($72.60), Tilt Ya Kilt N ($22), Man O’ War ($21), Denyittotheend ($31.80), Custard The Dragon ($24.20) and the list goes on.

Of course when you have your home track, you build a strategy. With all the knowledge you get from studying a racetrack, it becomes your home track and will allow you to do your best when you go to the races.

TRI’s Picks February 4 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last night, we had no winners as the public was on fire. Tonight hopefully won’t be as chalky. The ticket looks good tonight and I am sad to announce after last night’s performance, TRI has officially stayed away from the Pick 5. Good luck!

$2 Play: 3/3,5/1,3/8


Race 6- (3) Pence Hanover has one more chance to win. After last week’s amazing performance, if he doesn’t win, it will be hard for him to do so in this company.

Race 7- (3) Abelard Hanover was about to beat Tuneariffic down the stretch, then made a very bad break. If that doesn’t happen again, he should provide the same effort. (5) Dinner Guest did well last time at Yonkers. He steps up slightly and should improve tonight.

Race 8- (1) Excel Nine raced well two starts back. You can give him an excuse last start since the track was sloppy. He has the inside and should race well tonight. (3) Gaelic Thunder made a big move in a matter of strides to go from tenth to fourth. That shows he was behind a wall of horses. He makes a slight step down tonight and should do well if that scenario doesn’t happen again.

Race 9-
(8) Star Of The Game raced well last time, but didn’t have enough to catch the leader. He should get started a bit earlier so he can control the pace and win easily.

TRI’s Picks February 4 Balmoral

Balmoral Park Pick 4, Races 10-13, Saturday, February 4, 2012

After a long break of inability to produce a ticket, TRI is back with the Balmoral Pick 4! Our ticket tonight looks very good and I have high hopes it will win. Good luck!

$2 Play: 3,8/2,3/8/4 = $8


Race 10- (3) Washington Hanover raced phenomenally from post 10 last time. He closed from dead last to finish sixth by 3 lengths. He moves inside tonight and has a very good chance of winning. (8) Tuffery N went a first over mile last time. If he can sit mid-pack and get cover, he could upset.  

Race 11- (2) Lady Lakers went a first over mile in this company last time. That race seemed like she woke up and if so, she should provide a better effort tonight. (3) Discoverer is always competitive. Last time, he gained 10 lengths within a quarter of a mile. If she stays closer to the pace, she can use that kick in the lane to win.

Race 12- (8) Smiling Bob raced well at Maywood before coming to Balmoral. His last start seemed like he needed to race around the track. If this is true, then he should do a lot better tonight.

Race 13- (4) Hurricane John is stepping up after a hellish trip. He was first over for most of the race and stayed right next to the leader. If he gets a better trip, his endurance will be used more sparingly.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Action Continues at Meadowlands

On Friday, February 3, the Meadowlands featured the opening legs of the $72,000 Exit 16W and $70,000 Cape & Cutter.

Daryl Bier trained Higher And Higher took the first “Cutter” at the light of the wire in 1:52.1. The five-year-old mare did not race from the front as she did last week. She picked up cover from Modern Connection by the half. Oceans Motion got third over cover as Symphony In Motion controlled the pace. Modern Connection faltered into the stretch and Higher And Higher fanned three wide, giving Oceans Motion cover to come with her. Higher And Higher drifted inside after getting passed Modern Connection and John Campbell kicked into gear with Oceans Motion in the final 1/16. Daryl Bier had enough in his horse to hold off Oceans Motion. Save My Shark came up the pylons to finish third and Symphony In Motion faded fourth. Higher And Higher returned $3.60 to win.

The Burke Brigade sent out Ginger And Fred who won in 1:50.4. She made a backstretch brush from fifth and took the field around the rest of the oval. The only challenge came from stable mate Go On Bb, who couldn’t keep up with her around the far turn. Late pace came in the stretch from Royal Cee Cee N after she was shuffled back. She split horses and closed to finish second to Ginger And Fred. Go On Bb was a 25-1 third and Mud Pie Hanover was fourth at 9-1. Ginger And Fred returned $4 to win.

The first Exit 16W went to Whogoesfirst, returning $18.40. He came from far back and nailed Cam B Zipper at the wire. Nathan Feelsgood fanned three wide in the lane, but did not have enough to catch Whogoesfirst. Bolero Andrew faltered to fourth.

The second division was won by Fearless Diablo. He was second over into the turn and fanned three wide to chase down the leader Rhombus. Bettor’s Reward kept up with him down the stretch to finish second at 25-1. Sapphire City was shuffled back and split horses to finish third. Home Again Dragon was fourth. Fearless Diablo returned $20.80 to win.

The third division went to Sonic Dancer. He made a three wide move around the far turn as Risk Management gave way. Tyler Hanover was at the inside into the stretch. Sonic Dancer lead the way and Risk Management came three wide to chase. Upfront Ellijay Ed came from the backfield with Fall Bliss. Sonic Dancer and Risk Management dueled to the wire and Sonic Dancer was victorious. Risk Management was second, Upfront Ellijay Ed was third and Fall Bliss finished fourth. Sonic Dancer returned $5.80 to win.

The final division was the featured one, with the matchup of the Complex winner and Clyde Hirt winner. Itrustyou defeated Special T Rocks in a thrilling stretch battle. Special T Rocks was first over around the far turn, dueling with Itrustyou. Stonebridge Rocket was behind them into the stretch. Itrustyou lead the way and Special T Rocks did not have enough to catch him. Itrustyou returned $3.20 to win.  

TRI’s Picks February 3 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 5, Races 1-5, Pick 4, Races 6-9, Friday, February 3, 2012

TRI has agreed to handicap and write about the $20,000 Pick 5 Guarantee starting tonight. Last night, we had no winners. We were second with Lobo Billy who went off at 7-2. I feel optimistic about tonight’s ticket. Good luck!

Pick 5
$1 Play: 6/5/3/1,2/3 = $2


Race 1- (6) Flowmaster looks good coming out of the Clyde Hirt. He did not do well in the final, but did do well in the event’s legs. He should improve tonight.

Race 2- (5) Oceans Motion is the outsider coming from Opens at Yonkers. She has impressed over there and should impress here tonight.

Race 3- (3) Rhombus did not perform to what I expected last week. He closed hard, but finished seventh by 3 lengths. He raced on the outside the entire race. He’ll have to save more ground to close better.

Race 4- (1) Omen Hanover checked in the lane, causing her to lose a lot of ground. She was good in starts before that and should do better if she has racing room. (2) Royal Cee Cee N raced in the upper ranks last year. She did very well over at Chester in the winners of events. She comes into 2012 off a good qualifier and could upset.

Race 5- (3) Order By Texas is making a slight step up after an impressive effort. He closed from tenth to win at 59-1. He may still be a price, but he’ll have a better shot tonight.

Pick 4
$2 Play: 7,10/2/1,8/5 = $8


Race 6- (7) Eagle Say showed talent at Pocono last year. She stepped up and made an early move, only to give way. She did not qualify well, but may be ready to race tonight. (10) Live Jazz raced worse than expected last time. He did not show any rally, but I see him improving off that effort.

Race 7-
(2) Hi Sir “woke up” in his last race at Yonkers. He showed some action and finished fourth. He steps up into the Exit 16W and could bomb.

Race 8- (1) Love You Always attempted to close last time, but faltered in the stretch. She should get better positioning with the rail. (8) Jk Soundofmusic lost by a neck last time. She draws the outside again and may be able to pull off a better trip.

Race 9- (5) Jeanie Marie closed well in this company last time. He should be able to do better tonight from mid-pack.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

TRI’s Picks February 2 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Thursday, February 2, 2012

On Saturday, we had no winners. We came close with Abelard Hanover, but broke badly in the stretch. Another close call was Pence Hanover at 57-1. He closed very well, but lost by 1 length. Tonight’s ticket looks very good. Good luck!

$2 Play: 4,8/3/10/4 = $4


Race 6- (4) Prince Shakra was live at the Meadowlands, but faded in the end. He steps down into a comfortable position and could upset. (8) Upfront Countryboy closed hard from an outside trip in non-winners of two. He should provide a better effort tonight.   

Race 7- (3) Bangbangkisskiss is the one to beat. If he doesn’t win, he will be in trouble throughout the series.

Race 8- (10) Superstar Dream closed super hard from post 10 last time. He stays in a good company for him and should provide a good race for us tonight.

Race 9- (4) Lobo Billy qualified better in his second qualifier. He should show some live action tonight.