Saturday, January 28, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 28 Meadowlands

Last night, we were second in every leg but the first. We were off only by a length or two in those legs. Tonight I am optimistic about this ticket. Good luck!

$2 Play: 34/5/5/6 = $4


Race 6- (3) Rhombus can close well. When there are some other closers in this race, he should have a chance to get some cover. (4) Upfront Ellijay Ed has the same case as Rhombus. He can close well. In leg two, he was caught behind a wall of horses and didn’t get a chance to race. If that doesn’t happen, he has a good chance.

Race 7- (5) Ruthless Ace has tried every racing style. The one that worked best was when he was a closer. If Simpson brings him off the pace, he should do better.

Race 8- (5) Pence Hanover came too late at big odds. He will have to start earlier to get up in time.

Race 9- (6) Abelard Hanover has improved in his last two starts. If he can save a little more ground, he will be dangerous.  

Banks at Meadowlands Show New Era

Over the past few weeks, bettors, trainers and drivers have been studying the effect of the new banks at the Meadowlands. Most of these civilians are changing their tactics when they handicap or have horses at the Meadowlands. But I am here to tell you that you should not change your tactics.

Opening night was a common night at the Meadowlands, with favorites, mild upsets and a few big bombs. One of the bombs was Marion Matilda, who returned $65.20 in the eighth race on January 6. She was shuffled and came back late, a common move most of the time at the Meadowlands. As the weeks go on, strategies are being modified.

The last week has shown that the Meadowlands is a closing track. But a bias shouldn’t make you alter your handicapping. Higher And Higher, who raced last night and provided a wire to wire victory at 3-5. Although she was the favorite, she defied the bias and a lot more horses will likely do that as the meet progresses.

People call it a “New Era” most likely for a reason they haven’t thought of as a possibility. If you did, I can’t read your mind. When Jeff Gural installed the banks he said he was hoping we could have the aggressive racing we did in the 70s’ through the 2000s. As observations say, that will never happen again. That was an old era that provided excitement for that time. But the New Era may be slightly equal to the old era, but they will never be the same.

The New Meadowlands in my opinion may be the best since the beginning in 1976. The banks are providing exciting racing that is greater than when the banks were first installed. Aside from the banks effects, it shouldn’t bias our handicapping because when you choose a certain running style, the other one likely beats you. Don’t bias your handicapping; handicap as you normally do because that’s what brought success.    

Friday, January 27, 2012

First Major Tango of the New Year

This weekend features a preview of who could be this year’s top pacer in the Presidential series. The $110,500 race is featured along with the $74,000 Complex and $73,000 Clyde Hirt finals. All three of these races shall be tough as the Burke Brigade sends eight horses out at the top of their game.

In the Complex, the four Burke entries will take a majority of the wagering. The race is filled with speed, which means we could see a Meadowlands Shuffle. Freddy Day Hanover is a horse that is known for taking advantage of front pace. He closes better and better every time and in this race, he should close hard at a price.

The Clyde Hirt stakes will have heavy wagering on Special T Rocks, as he looks to sweep the race. Rhombus and Upfront Ellijay Ed may have an advantage in here. With Special T Rocks’ racing style, Rhombus and Upfront Ellijay Ed should get cover from him and close, unless they are behind a wall of horses. If not, they will sprint side by side with Special T Rocks.

The Presidential presents a monster horse in the form of Golden Receiver, who thinks too fast isn’t fast enough. This horse provides his best effort every time. If he finally flattens out, I Wanna Go Fast will be the dominant horse. Seeing Golden Receiver’s last few starts, he is sure to burn out sometime and when the front end has not prevailed in most events at The Big M, I Wanna Go Fast can take advantage. He is a sharp closer and improves in every start. I’d expect this horse to be second or finally defeat Golden Receiver.  

TRI’s Picks January 27 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Friday, January 27, 2012

On Thursday, we had two winners. They were Bangbangkisskiss ($3.20) and Trust My Heart ($3.40). Tonight’s ticket looks like it will provide some upsets. Good luck!

$2 Play: 5/12/35/3 = $8


Race 6- (5) Omen Hanover worked too hard in the last two Opens over at Dover. If she can save ground, she should be her normal self again.

Race 7- (1) Crown Lady raced well from post 10 last week. She draws the rail, which should allow her to improve tonight. (2) Jk Soundofmusic raced better than expected last week. Like Crown Lady, she draws the inside and should improve tonight.

Race 8- (3) Notorius Bluestone raced phenomenally from post 10 last time out. She goes inside and has room to improve tonight. (5) Marion Matilda raced well on opening day, pulling off a 31-1 upset. She was on layoff and should provide a similar effort tonight.

Race 9- (3) Rathbone N closed hard in this event last week, finishing third. He should provide a similar effort tonight.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 26 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 6-9, Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally, TRI has written up a Pick 4 for Thursday at the Meadowlands. On Saturday, Warning Zone ($12.40) was our only winner. Tonight’s ticket features the $58,500 Super Bowl final. Good luck!

$2 Play: 46/6/1/3 = $4


Race 6- (4) Buzz Bomb is having a successful four-year-old campaign. He is coming off of a 12-1 victory in the second leg from post 9. Unless he breaks, he has a high chance of winning. (6) Glide To Victory took a gutsy move on missing the second leg. He won the first leg very confidently. He comes in here fresh and should do well tonight.

Race 7- (6) Bangbangkisskiss is a fresh sophomore pacer coming into a conditioned event. He is coming off of two good qualifiers and should provide a race tonight.

Race 8- (1) Big Puff Doggie came out of 2011 very poorly. On the other hand, he is coming off of two good qualifiers. He should be fresh tonight.

Race 9- (3) Trust My Heart has been on layoff since January 6. She raced well, but got passed by huge closers. If she doesn’t get boxed in, she could provide an upset.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 21 Meadowlands

Last night was another typical night, seconds and thirds with some longshots and favorites. The biggest shocker was that Joe De Fino went off at 8-5, when I expected him to be at least 3-1. Tonight looks better, but it’s possible they can cancel within the time these picks were posted. Good luck (if they race)!

$2 Play: 37/4/710/10 = $8


Race 6- (3) Village Beat raced in a higher company at Dover. He won both times in Winners Of $13,000 last five. He comes to the Meadowlands tonight and may be a bomb. (7) Warning Zone will likely be bet in here. On the other hand, some bettors might be discouraged on his post. He comes off of a victory in this company and should be sharp tonight.

Race 7- (4) Pence Hanover won impressively in Non-Winners of $10,000 last five. He steps up tonight and should give another fantastic effort.

Race 8- (7) Ruthless Ace raced well in lower company last start. He steps up slightly and should be able to close hard again. (10) Strand Hanover also closed well in his last start. That should be helpful when it comes to racing from post 10.

Race 9- (10) Pan Grad came close to upsetting in a $20,000 Claiming event. He raced super well from post 9 and should be able to do better from post 10.  

Friday, January 20, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 20 Meadowlands

Last week provided nothing but close seconds and thirds. This week I am feeling more optimistic about the outcome of this ticket. Good luck!

$2 Play: 1,2/5/1/1,4 = $8


Race 6- (1) Everymileamemory comes off of an impressive effort in this company. He should so better with post 1 tonight. (2) Mano Cornuto steps down from many poor starts. In non-winners of $13,000 last five, she provided a good effort. She steps down to non-winners of $10,000 and should improve.

Race 7- (5) Joe De Fino raced fantastic last week. No matter what his price, bet him. He is the best horse in this field overall.

Race 8- (1) American Hot Rod steps up from $15,000 Optional Claiming at Monticello. He did fairly well in that company and may provide a same effort tonight.

Race 9- (1) Barzz N Starzz steps down from $10,000 claiming. He got hung in that start at odds of 16-1. He comes into this race tonight fresh and has a good shot from post 1. (4) Hot Cowboy is making a big step down after good efforts in higher company. He raced well in his last start and has no excuse to provide no effort tonight.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 14 Buffalo

After testing my handicapping knowledge at Buffalo, I decided to take a knock at their 50-cent Pick 4. I encourage you to play horses to win if they are 4-1 and up. Good luck!

$2 Play: 46/7/7/14 = $8


Race 5- (4) Dudley Doright won in this company at Batavia four starts back. He took a shot at the open claiming ranks, but did not achieve victory. I expect him to do better tonight. (6) Brandon’s Art is coming from the open claiming ranks. He always gets into the race, but the finish line comes too quickly for him to gain more ground. If he makes a move at the five-eighths pole, he has a great shot to win.

Race 6- (7) Heres Hooter steps down from $12,500 optional claiming events. In open $10,000 claimers, this horse was the “bomb.” He should improve a lot tonight.

Race 7- (7) Big Bad Tj was one of the top pacers at Northfield. He is making a big step up tonight, but based on his previous efforts, he should be a likely upset.

Race 8- (1) Zigaro won in non-winners of three pari-mutuel two starts back. Before that, he raced several times in this company, but could not prevail. He steps down from non-winners of $1,750 last five and should improve off that effort. (4) Pembroke Bj seemed to have woken up. He won in non-winners of two pari-mutuel in his last start. He did not do well in this company, but he could bounce back off of a win.  

TRI’s Picks January 14 Meadowlands

Last night, we had no winners, but came close in every leg but the last one, finishing tenth. Tonight’s ticket is looking good and I am very optimistic about it. Good luck!

$2 Play: 2,5/6/6/2,5 = $8


Race 6- (2) Big Bay Point is a veteran pacer in the Open ranks. He came first over in the last three Opens and resulted in a failed effort. If he saves some energy, he will do better tonight. (5) I Wanna Go Fast is coming off of a winning effort in non-winners of $16,000 last five. He closed hard to win at 12-1 with Chris Page in the bike. He makes another step up tonight and should show some talent in this company.

Race 7- (6) Roll Call won in $30,000 Claiming and was Claimed by Nicholas Surick. He stepped up to $40,000 Claimers, which resulted in failed attempts. He steps back down into this company and may be a bomb in here.

Race 8- (6) Scotty Mach N is stepping back down into a comfortable condition. Although he did well in Preferred and non-winners of $30,000, he did his best in this company. He should show a winning effort tonight.

Race 9- (2) Untold Legend raced significantly well in his last start. He gained 9 lengths within a quarter of a mile. He closed hard and finished second at 69-1. He should improve off this effort and maybe bring a price with it. (5) Lizard King is the best horse in the field. He has class, prowess and stamina. If he doesn’t win, his four-year-old career may be very bad.

Friday, January 13, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 13 Meadowlands

On Friday, we had one winner in the Pick 5, Silent Swing ($2.60). On Saturday, we had no winners in the Pick 5 or Pick 4. I warn you to watch two horses in their next start, Sandy Absolut and Best Boss. They both were behind a wall of horses and came late. With the cancellation of my Pick 5 picks, I wish you good luck with tonight’s Pick 4!

$2 Play: 2,10/10/4,7/4 = $8


Race 6- (2) Love You Always was shuffled last week. She came late and lost by a neck at 32-1 to Western Graduate. She should get a better trip and rebound with style. (10) Save My Shark didn’t prevail as I thought last week, instead finishing a decent fourth. She draws post 10 again, but should get better positioning to come late tonight.

Race 7- (10) Joe De Fino is an outsider that can only be picked between the lines. He didn’t have a chance to race at three due to his breaking problem. He was three for six in his two-year-old campaign. He has qualified a lot since then. Jimmy Takter trained him, he still broke. The co-owner, Carl Cito Jr. trained him, he still broke. Then Cito gave the job to Aaron Lambert, not a break since. He has been very consistent and won a qualifier confidently at the Meadowlands on January 6. Knowing Gingras, he will be able to find a perfect pocket for this horse, making him the likely upset of the night.  

Race 8- (4) Cameron Chip raced well in her seven-year-old debut. She came from far back to finish a close second. She draws inside and will likely not bring 12-1 odds, but has a better chance tonight. (7) Tsmlil Orphan Andy was behind a dead horse in his most recent start. He lost ground and came up the inside with a lot of rally in the stretch, but not enough to catch the eventual winner Proud Moment. If he gets into the race early, he’ll have a great shot.

Race 9- (4) Tgif has won in higher company. He won in a $7,500 conditioned claimer a few starts back at Saratoga. He stepped up to a $10,000 conditioned claimer, where he had no luck. He steps down into an open $7,500 claiming event and has a good shot coming into it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pastor Stephen Sold to Swedish Interests

Pastor Stephen, who was laid off due to injury in late September, was sold to Swedish interests. He will resume his racing career in Sweden, with new trainer Daniel Reden.

Pastor Stephen was trained by Jimmy Takter during his freshmen and sophomore year. At two, he won the $485,000 William Wellwood and finished second to Manofmanymissions in the Breeders Crown. He was disqualified in the Peter Haughton Memorial for causing interference in the backstretch. He was placed sixth in that affair. He was crowned two-year-old colt trotter of the year in 2010.

At three, Pastor Stephen won a division of the Simcoe stakes, second in the Earl Beal Jr. Memorial and finished fifth in the Hambletonian.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meadowlands Announcement

Due to poor picks in the Pick 5s at The Meadowlands, TRI has agreed to discontinue Picks for the Pick 5 until further notice. Thank you.

Head Writer,
Ray Cotolo

Saturday, January 7, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 7 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 5, Races 1-5, Pick 4, Races 6-9, Saturday, January 7, 2012
The 2012 season at Meadowlands started out worse than we thought. The only winner we had was Silent Swing ($2.60). We were second with Cameron Chip to the favorite in the exacta. That paid $69.20. Another day of picks that I am confident in and I encourage you to play these horses to win if they are 4-1 and up. Good luck!
Pick 5
$2 Play: 15/9/1/19/6 = $4


Race 1- (1) Professor Jeff is shipping in from Freehold Raceway. He’s stepping down from conditioned company into an Open Claiming event and has a good shot coming in. (5) Barzz N Starzz did well at Saratoga in the $10,000 Claiming conditioned level. He makes a slight step down and may be overlooked.

Race 2- (9) Ru Ready To Rock has raced in this class many times over at Yonkers. He mostly did well but did get overtaken a couple of times. If he sits the pocket, he will be trouble.

Race 3- (1) Bet On Roulette raced well in lower company. He draws the rail and should improve stepping up.

Race 4- (1) Whipper Snapper is shipping from Freehold after several magnificent performances in lower company. He’s stepping up and draws the rail. He may be a huge bomb in here. (9) Emerald Express is stepping up from a victory in non-winners of $6,500 last five. He raced okay in this company five starts ago, but should do better this start. 

Race 5- (6) Noble Falcon is stepping up from a non-winners of $18,000 last five at Chester. He was shuffled and closed to finish fourth. Knowing Brennan, he’ll try and be on the front end. If he doesn’t stay at the inside, he will be tough.

Pick 4
$2 Play: 26/4/10/49 = $8


Race 6- (2) Drop Red is a veteran when it comes to Invitational company. He was the 2011 Pocono Horse of the Year for winning many of their Opens and prestigious events. He comes into 2012 with some very good efforts and should be in the race tonight. (6) Annieswesterncard has raced at Chester in their Opens for the last month or two now. He is one of the dominant pacers on that circuit and should show that talent tonight.

Race 7- (4) Blueridge Western raced well in his last start. Although he finished eighth, he lost by 1 length, meaning that he still gained ground, but had no room to move farther. He steps down tonight and is very dangerous in here.

Race 8- (10) Corky Baran is a Meadowlands regular. He raced week to week at the Meadowlands for the past two years and normally brings a good performance. He won in a Preferred over at Yonkers recently. Post 10 should not be a burden on this likely bomber.

Race 9- (4) All Shuttle had a very tough trip in his last start, yet prevailed to win. He was first over for the entire mile and won by 1 length as the 2-1 betting interest. He is stepping up and should improve tonight. (8) White Mountain Top is a claim-back to the Buter stables. He has either finished first or third in his last three starts. If Tyler can move him at the right time, watch this horse come flying down the lane.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

TRI’s Picks January 6 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 5, Races 1-5, Pick 4, Races 6-9, Friday, January 6, 2012

It’s a great feeling to be able to write, handicap and best of all, watch the Meadowlands for another year. This place is my home and will always be my home. I have a Pick 5 and Pick 4 ticket installed for tonight in the blog I like to call Return of the Meadowlands. I encourage you to play any of these horses if they are 4-1 and up and I also encourage you to use these horses in exotics. Good luck!

Pick 5
$1 Play: 8/18/1/710/8 = $4


Race 1- (8) Up Front Cruiser did well in higher company at Chester and Yonkers. She is stepping down and has a chance to upset.

Race 2- (1) Uncle Billy really didn’t get a chance to race in his last start. Last time he drew the one, it resulted in a victory. He stepped up into non-winners of four then into three. He was suspected to improve last time, but went off stride. If he stays on gait, he will be the bomb of the night. (8) Mr Fenwick did well in non-winners of three at Chester. He steps down into this company and has a nice shot.  

Race 3- (1) Sandy Absolut always provides an effort in a start. She steps down and draws the rail, which will certainly help her improve.

Race 4- (7) I’m Fabulous did well in her last start. She steps down and has a good chance. (10) Cameron Chip is a horse I talked about during the summer of last year. She has been on layoff since July 15. She defeated champion sophomore trotter Manofmanymissions in a conditioned event. She qualified well and should return fresh.

Race 5- (8) Silent Swing is the obvious choice in this field. But let’s face it, this race was pretty hard to handicap in the value market. Seeing his past performances, he will either win or finish in the top three.  

Pick 4
$2 Play: 6/10/15/26 = $8


Race 6- (6) Best Boss was one of the top competitors in the Preferred and Open companies last year. Patrick Lachance ships in to drive, which has no significance. I expect her to provide her best effort tonight.

Race 7- (10) Save My Shark is stepping down from Winners Of at Pocono and Chester. She can race up close or off the pace and finish on the board. She should be able to close well tonight.  

Race 8- (1) Newport Volo has been racing on the New York circuit for a while. He has provided only second and third place efforts, but could improve as he turns five tonight. (5) Sleek N Wow has been racing well in every start. He just lost in this company over at Chester on December 5. I expect him to do better, but he is still questionable.  

Race 9- (2) Beau Rivage N always puts in his best effort. He stays in the $20,000 Claiming ranks and should be one to beat in here. (6) Ol’ Man River just keeps going and going. He always finds a way to get to the top three, from any part of the horse field. He is looking dangerous tonight.