Friday, February 22, 2013

TRI’s Picks February 22 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 7-10, Friday, February 22, 2013

Last week, we had no winners in the most expensive ticket we have ever given out. For the year, we are down $134.40. Tonight’s ticket is cheap and apart of our new tactic to play $1 tickets instead of $2. Good luck!

$1 Play: 1,5/1,7/4,5/3 = $8


Race 7- (1) Nutmeg Yankee is coming off a good mile, where she sat the pocket but wasn’t good enough to chase down the leader. She goes up against lighter tonight and will try to navigate another pocket trip and should have success from the rail. (5) Hostess Lisa steps down into the B-2 after three failed attempts in the B-1. She has a victory under her belt in this company already. She should stalk the pace and fly off cover late into the turn.

Race 8- (1) Monsignor Flan closed well against this group from post 9 last week. He gets post relief this week and should be better placed with less ground to make up. (7) Il Mago raced well stepping up last week. He rode cover then was first up and finished third. He should be in for the same type of trip tonight, except he’ll ride cover and tip wide into the stretch, where he will use his saved energy.

Race 9-
(4) Sweet Hedge is stepping up off an impressive mile in the B-2 pace. From post 9, she made a move for the lead from the start of the mile, cleared at the half and held on from there to win in 1:51.4. She should get a better trip tonight, which she will benefit from. (5) Autumn Magic had pace to offer late into last week’s mile, but was locked in and had to find room to pace. She should find cover to ride this week instead of staying at the pylons, where she will be more aggressive then.

Race 10- (3) Baby Blaze has done well in the C-1 ranks before. In his last start, he made a half-mile brush for the top, which burned him out for the rest of the mile. He should sit the pocket and be a little more patient, until it is time to make a move into the stretch. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

TRI’S Picks February 16 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 7-10, Saturday, February 16, 2013

Last night, we came up dry. The most expensive ticket we have ever given out was nowhere close to coming in, as we went 0-for-4 on the card. Though, hope is not lost. Starting today, TRI is taking a new approach to the late Pick 4 at the Meadowlands. Tickets will now be given for $1, giving more opportunity for your buck. Remember too to play any horse on the ticket that is 4-1 or up. Tonight’s ticket, we think, is our best shot at hitting. Good luck!

$1 Play: 2,4,5/2,9,10/2,4/3 = $18


Race 7- (2) The Pokester meets up with the A-2 pacers yet again. In his last attempt, he was locked in for most of the mile with pace to offer and then shook lose late to finish seventh by 2 lengths. He’ll likely leave for a top position, but should make a move for the lead or have a helmet to track instead of pacing up the pylons. (4) Rescue Plan steps down into a company that he has already proven victorious. He won in the A-2 back on January 5, then raced three times against A-1 pacers, as well as A-2. The drop in class should benefit him. (5) I Fought Dalaw goes up against only A-2 pacers tonight. After winning in the B-1, he stepped up and went up against A-1 and A-2 pacers. He finally goes against all A-2 pacers, so he should be more aggressive. Expect him to leave the gate and perhaps take the lead, from there, he’ll fight on to the wire.

Race 8- (2) Oscar Oscar gets post relief after pacing a good mile from post 8 against B-1 pacers. He should have no trouble getting the lead and could take this field wire-to-wire. (9) Silver Eagle adds lasix and steps down into the B-1 ranks. In his last start, he battled first over to take command, but ended up quitting. He should leave to get a spot tonight and will either make a first up move by the half or track a helmet, but no matter what, he’ll use his closing kick. (10) Esprit De Kayjay A should be able to adapt with post 10. This horse generally closes, so with post 10, he’ll get away off the pace. From there, he’ll likely pick up cover and use his closing kick to pass rivals as an upset.

Race 9-
(2) Freddy Day Hanover steps down into the B-2 after an odd mile last week. He was locked at the rail and had room to pace into the stretch, but didn’t show any effort. The drop in class should help, but he’ll need to be more aggressive tonight. (4) Recent News is coming off an abnormally fast mile for B-2 pacers. He made a move to try and catch Perrito Calliente, but settled for second in a 1:50.4 mile. They’ll go slower tonight and Recent News should be settled in mid-pack, where he can pick up cover or brush to the top and kick for home like usual.

Race 10- (3) Come On Ridge is coming off a good effort at this distance in the C-2. He left for a top spot, then came first over and battled for the top until giving way into the stretch. He parked from the eighth pole on. Tonight, he should have an easier time getting a pocket, where then he can have more power to either brush to the lead, pick up cover or dash up the pylons into the stretch. He’ll likely be value at post time as well. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

TRI’s Picks February 15 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 7-10, Friday, February 15, 2013

Last week, we had one winner that was not a bet, Action Brad ($6.40). For the year, we are down $64.40. Tonight’s ticket is the most expensive in the history of The Racing Inquirer, but it goes to show how tough the four legs are to narrow down. Remember to bet any horse on this ticket that goes off 4-1 or up. Good luck!

$2 Play: 1,9/1,3,6/1,5/3 = $24


Race 7- (1) Photo King is prime to get another pocket trip against the A-2 ranks. He draws the rail and should leave the gate with speed. With other speed in this field, he’ll likely back into a pocket spot, then make his move after the half. The only thing we must rely on is that he stays flat. (9) Ice Machine is coming off a break on an off going at The Meadows against the Preferred ranks. He generally shows speed, so we expect him to launch off the gate and be a pacesetter early on.

Race 8-
(1) Gordyyy’s Pet was parked three wide into the far turn against this company last week. She swung into the stretch and rallied, but then parked again and settled for third. She should be close to the pace tonight with the rail and should have an easier time closing. (3) Arctic Fire N is coming off a tough mile against non-winners of $18,000 at Yonkers. She should show some speed to get away mid-pack or so, then use her late kick like she did in the A-2 back in December and win in her return back to the Big M. (6) Autumn Magic is coming off a valiant mile. She made a three wide move moments after the half-mile, then was caught first over for the rest of the mile, fading back. She’ll likely try to sit off the pace, but should have live cover this week to ride.

Race 9-
(1) Asset Management is coming off a win in this class. In her victory mile, she was parked every step and took over the lead in the stretch to hold off a closing Synergy Seelster. With the rail, she should leave the gate a little better and get a better trip, so she’ll have something left in the stretch. (5) Dragon Princess can leave the gate fast in a race with little speed. I expect her to clear the top, but if she gets shuffled back, she’ll need room to pace if she wants to win.

Race 10- (3) Through The Night steps up off a victory in C-2 company last time. In that 1 and 1/16 miles event, he left the gate fast, was shuffled back and shook lose into the stretch to pull of an upset. He gets post relief tonight and I expect him to try and get a pocket trip, but he can close if he gets shuffled back if needed. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

TRI’s Picks February 9 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Racetrack Pick 4, Races 7-10, Saturday, February 9, 2013 

We are back after taking last Saturday off for the Pick 4 and having racing be cancelled last night due to Winter Storm Nemo. Last week was our first week this entire year that we went zero-for-four in our Pick 4 ticket. Needless to say, that brought our profit down greatly. We are currently down $44.40 for the year, but we should be able to make up for it tonight. Tonight’s ticket is filled with bombs that have great chances and when betting the horses on this ticket at 4-1 or up, we should greatly make up for our deficit. Good luck!

$2 Play: 2,3,9/3,5/4/2 = $12


Race 7- (2) Bakin On The Beach gets well-deserved post relief after going tough miles from outside posts against this group. In his last mile, he paced a tough first over trip and just missed the victory by a head. The post relief will help this horse get good positioning and he should ride the pylons for most of the mile and could pull the pocket and go first up if needed. (3) The Pokester looks to have upset-potential stepping back up into the A-2 company. In his last start in the A-2, he was caught at the pylons far off the lead and shook lose late into the stretch, only to be caught behind a wall of horses. He came off that race and won a tough first over mile via disqualification in the B-1 company. He steps back into the A-2 and has a good post, so he should be placed near the lead and won’t make the same mistake he did in this class two weeks ago. (9) Western Tsunami is jumping up in class after an impressive 1:50.4 victory in the B-1 class last week. This horse shows tremendous gate speed and will work to clear the front, so he could get a pocket trip due to other horses in this field wanting the top as well. Expect him to leave and be a speed-factor in this mile.

Race 8-
(3) Freddy Day Hanover draws further inside after pacing a good mile in his second start on lasix last week. He gained 9 lengths from the quarter to the half, where he picked up cover, and flew into the stretch off cover just to park on the outside. He should show some speed tonight and be close to the pace, so he doesn’t have to recoup lost ground. (5) Esprit De Kayjay A enters the B-1 company after doing well in the claiming ranks. In his last start, he sat off the pace and rode the pylons until late into the stretch, where he shook loose late into the stretch and got up for second. He should be better placed in the field this week and could provide us with some value.

Race 9-
(4) Picture Me has two good efforts in the B-2 company under his belt. Two starts back, he paced a completely first over mile, where he ended up finishing in the back. In his last start, he gunned for the lead, was shuffled back and came back to finish fourth. He should be forwardly placed tonight and have some form of room to close into the stretch.

Race 10- (2) Action Brad is coming off a good start with the addition of lasix. He left the gate fast from post 8, where he then was shuffled back and out of the mile. He drops in class tonight and gets post relief, so expect him to leave for a pocket spot and save ground to close late. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

TRI’s Picks February 1 Meadowlands

Meadowlands Pick 4, Races 7-10, Friday, February 1, 2013

Last week, we had one winner that wasn’t a bet, but our ticket was cheap due to the scratch of Mystic Desire. Our one winner was Yo Cheyenne Rocky ($6.40). Tonight’s ticket looks promising, good luck!

$2 Play: 6,10/1,3/1/4 = $8


Race 7- (6) Gordyyy’s Pet was far off the pace from the second tier last week. She goes against a ten-horse field this week and should be closer to the pace, where she can close better. (10) Delightful Diva left hard against fast fractions last week, causing her to falter towards the end. Although she drew post 10, she should get away fast and not burn out in her attempt to take the lead.

Race 8- (1) Victory Nut makes a drop in class after some good attempts against better. He gets post relief and should show some speed and since he’s going against easier, he should be able to sustain a bid better. (3) Outlaw gets post relief after a good third against similar. He closed off cover, but had to chase down the run-away leader. He should be closer to the pace this week and have the ability to close better.

Race 9- (1) King’s Cavalier gets post relief after a good effort against this company. He never saw the pylons in that mile, but should be close to the pace this week and could close easier if closer to the top.

Race 10- (4) Trouble Hanover has done well against $10,000 Claimers in previous starts. He is in the perfect spot to get the coveted pocket trip needed in these 12-horse fields, so he will likely leave for the top and end up getting a pocket trip.